Getting Ready for the General Elections….

Published on 06/05/24

Now that the Primaries are in the book, lets do some warm ups for November…..

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Fight Judicial Activism

Published on 06/05/24

The past couple of years have taught us the importance of fighting judicial activism in Montana. Therefore, it is important to support strict constitutionalists such as Cory Swanson.

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2024 Primary Election Results

Published on 06/05/24

Niemoller Today

Published on 06/04/24

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When is a Newspaper not a Newspaper?

Published on 05/06/24

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When is a newspaper not a newspaper? Apparently when it is “the Montana Independent”.

Many of us received this slick newspaper looking thing in our mailboxes recently, complete with a recipe and crossword puzzle. However, it takes a lot of additional research to find out it is not a newspaper, not independent, and apparently not a lot about Montana.

Real newspapers include a section listing the Publisher, Editor, contact information, deadlines, and most importantly, their membership to the Montana Newspaper Association. The “Independent” has none of these.

The only clue to who these people are, and therefore their motivations is the return address of “The American Independent Foundation”. After a little more investigation, we find that the current leader, David Brock, has been described by Time as “one of the most influential operatives in the Democratic Party” and graduated from Cal Berkley. So much for independent.

While Brock resides in Washington D.C., there were many writers that came together in this mailer that may understand Montana better. These writers reside in New York, New York; Maryland; Atlanta, Georgia; Washington, D.C.; and Seattle, Washington. So much for understanding Montanans. There is a token Missoula resident that splits his residency with Washington, D.C.. Somehow his experience writing books on western horticulture has given him unique insights on Montana’s complex governmental issues.

So, what do these outsiders think are important issues to Montanans? Well, Senator Tester is praised for spending $23M of taxpayers’ money. Is it to help us Montanans deal with runaway inflation? Improve infrastructure to make us more competitive? Maybe a program to create skill sets to improve making a living in Montana? Nope, this money goes back to federal environmental projects that just happen to be inside Montana state lines.

He is also praised for co-sponsoring a bill for mobile homes as a temporary fix to Montana’s housing crisis.

There is an article on how selected crimes in selected areas is down, articles how one judge (formerly a Democratic House Representative) disagrees with Gianforte while another Judge sided with the $4B/year Reproductive Care/Abortion industry over Montanans seeking what they consider reasonable restrictions on the industry. There is an article on how Matt Rosendale is for the deaths of women during pregnancy, and of course the old standard of government healthcare.

Two other articles that these out-of-staters think must be important to us include a full two-page article on a beautiful young Native American being honored. Is she being honored for improving job opportunities on the Reservation? Is she being honored for returning to the reservation to teach? Is she serving as role model for Native American youth in achievable ways to improve their and their families’ lives? No, she is an actor nominated for an Academy Award, and an honorary doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Montana.

The last article must be the most insulting as a resident of Montana. It is an article about Kevin Costner telling us how government should be run. You may know Costner as the California multi-millionaire who got paid multi-millions to pretend to be a Montana multi-millionaire. The Montana Independent gives Costner the title “American Everyman”. If this is true, many of us are missing the “everyman” paycheck.

This whole Montana Independent production leaves two major questions:

• Why the lack of transparency that this is a mailer from liberal, out-of-state people that is intended to affect the elections in Montana? Why do they feel they can’t be honest about who they are and how they want us to vote? • How could they have so totally missed the issues that are important in Montana? How can they not understand that Montana families face runaway inflation, lack of opportunities, security at our borders, and Federal overreach that impacts our way of life?

As a Pastor pointed out, it is still chilly enough in the mornings for a fire, so the Montana Independent may still have some value.

C.I. 14 – Taking Choice out of Montana

Published on 03/11/24

It’s concerning that the people that call themselves pro ‘life style choices’ are the people that want to take choices away from Montana families. this includes Constitutional amendments for ranked choice voting, and Planned Parenthoods’ attack on Montana Parents.

The current initiative to take away Montanans’ choice to decide what is right in their community is Constitutional Initiative 14. This takes the right to decide if having an abortion clinic in your community out of residents hands.

It fails to recognize the superior rights of parents to make health care decisions for their children. It would allow abortions from conception up to and including partial birth abortions; a procedure that is as barbaric as anything man can perpetrate on another human being. It will create a safe harbor for violent sex offenders or sex traffickers where the abortion provider can’t disclose facts and evidence in statutory or regular rape cases.

Take Montanans’ choice back, defeat C.I. 14.

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Planned Parenthood vs Montana Families

Published on 03/04/24

Please plan on attending a hearing at the Montana Supreme Court, 215 North Sanders in Helena, for Planned Parenthood’s attack on parental rights in Montana. This will be Wednesday, March 6, 2024 at 9:30A.

As you probably know, Montana passed the Parental Consent for Abortion Act in the last session, protecting parents’ rights to raise their children in the manner their conscience leads them.

Planned Parenthood has challenged the rights of parents to make that decision for their children.

As background, the abortion industry performs an estimated 88,000 abortions PER MONTH in the United States making an approximate $60M PER MONTH in revenues. Planned Parenthood is one of the primary spokes-groups for the abortion industry and has received over $600M per year from government funding.

As a side note, Senator Tester has received a 100% rating by Planned Parenthood.

Your attendance at the hearing would show that we support Montana’s Parents’ rights to raise their children.

For more information you can reach out to Patriot Patrol via phone or text at:


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Ranked Choice Voting is just Rank!

Published on 02/26/24

Coming soon to a shopping center near you, a bright eyed college student will approach you to with a clipboard and a smile to get you to sign a petition to make elections more fair, requiring a majority of voters for a candidate to be elected. What they are really being paid to do is push Montana Constitutional amendments (CI126 & CI127) for ranked choice voting. They can’t present it that way since ranked choice has rightfully earned a bad name for itself.

In the January Jefferson County Republican Central Committee Meeting a resolution was unanimously passed opposing all ranked choice initiatives, especially CI126 and CI127.

The background on this is that the elected officials of both Montana houses passed legislation forbidding rank choice voting which was then signed into law by our Governor during the last legislature. Not allowing what the people want to get in the way, a small group of powerful, and often out of state, players have decided to rebrand it and try to amend the Montana Constitution so that no laws again may be passed against this terrible practice.

There are three main problems with ranked choice voting:

1. It diminishes voter confidence. Voters are required to make informed decisions on all the candidates on the ballot, not just who they support.

2. It creates slower election results and increased irregularities and costs. The multiple rounds of tabulations take time, a centralized location for tabulation (no threat to integrity there), additional costs, and are confusing for voters. Most importantly, it fundamentally changes the concept of ‘one voter, one vote’ to one voter, multiple votes.

3. It discounts votes. If a voter undervotes, only votes for their candidate, that ballot does not count toward the end result.

For a full explanation of the process visit the Foundation for Government Accountability article:

Ranked Choice Voting Explained

So when that cheery faced co-ed approaches you with a clipboard, ask them to explain ranked choice voting, and why so many governments that have tried it have reversed course. Then politely say, “no thank you”.

Rank Choice

Check on Your Voter Status

Published on 02/26/24

Your vote matters more this year than ever before. If you are curious as to your voter registration information, below is a link to check on your information:

Voter Portal

Your Vote Maters

Put it on your Calendar – 2024 Lincoln/Reagan Fall Fest

Published on 02/26/24

Join the JCRCC for its annual Lincoln/Reagan Fall Festival at the historic Kleffner Ranch. In the past, we have heard conservative thought leaders, local and national political influencers, and eaten a lot of good food.

More information to come….

Save the date 2024 LRFF