C.I. 14 – Taking Choice out of Montana

Published on 03/11/24

It’s concerning that the people that call themselves pro ‘life style choices’ are the people that want to take choices away from Montana families. this includes Constitutional amendments for ranked choice voting, and Planned Parenthoods’ attack on Montana Parents.

The current initiative to take away Montanans’ choice to decide what is right in their community is Constitutional Initiative 14. This takes the right to decide if having an abortion clinic in your community out of residents hands.

It fails to recognize the superior rights of parents to make health care decisions for their children. It would allow abortions from conception up to and including partial birth abortions; a procedure that is as barbaric as anything man can perpetrate on another human being. It will create a safe harbor for violent sex offenders or sex traffickers where the abortion provider can’t disclose facts and evidence in statutory or regular rape cases.

Take Montanans’ choice back, defeat C.I. 14.

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