Confirmed Candidates for the Roundup

Published on 04/04/24

Final List of Registered Candidates for this Sunday’s Candidate Roundup:

FEDERAL RACES: U.S. Senate – Brad Johnson Charles Walkingchild Tim Sheehy

Congressional District #2 – Joel Krautter Stacy Zinn Ric Holden Ken Bogner Elsie Arntzen Troy Downing Ed Walker

STATEWIDE RACES: Governor and Lt. Governor – Kristen Juras, Tanner Smith

Attorney General – Austin Knudsen

Secretary of State – Christi Jacobsen

Insurance Commissioner – James Brown, John Jay Willoughby

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Susie Hedalen, Sharyl Allen

Public Service Commissioner #3 – Bob Elwood Suzzann Nordwick Jeff Welborn

Clerk of Supreme Court – Bowen Greenwood

JUDICIAL RACES: (Nonpartisan) Supreme Court Justice #3 – Dan Wilson

Supreme Court Chief Justice – Cory Swanson

MONTANA SENATE RACES: Senate #38 (Jefferson) – Becky Beard, Jeremy Mygland

MONTANA HOUSE RACES: House #75 (Jefferson) – Marta Bertoglio

House #77 (Broadwater) – Jane Gillette Kyle McMurray

House #79 (Lewis and Clark) – Jill Sark, Demetri Joslin

House #80 (Lewis and Clark) – Rachel Burright

House #81 (Lewis and Clark) – Dustin Scott

House #82 (Lewis and Clark) – John Looney Sr

House #83 (Lewis and Clark) – Christopher St Jean, Wes Feist

House #84 (Lewis and Clark) – Julie Dooling

House #17 (Lewis and Clark) – Zach Wirth

JEFFERSON COUNTY: Commissioner District #3 – Craig Doolittle, Keith Foley

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